Pinker White Supremacy 

​Steven Pinker got a Wall Street Journal article a few days ago where he presented an overly rosy picture of the present. He used lots of cherry picked data from random time frames within the past two centuries to fit his position, glossed over two world wars as largely unpredictable hiccups, and credited a sunny future of income equality and total literacy to the Eurocentric Enlightenment. 

To understand his magical thinking, it’s important to note that Steven Pinker is an eugenicist. He supports “neonaticide” of disabled infants, and has called for such murders to be legalized. He has railed against the entire field of bioethics for holding back unbridled human experimentation. He is a rich capitalist who claims “open economies and free trade are negatively correlated with genocide’ in the profit receiving country, ignoring the impact on the country being ravaged for the sake of that profit. He is an atheist who believes he is smarter than people of faith, because he is the prophet of his own delusions. He thinks the humanities have nothing to offer scientists, and that if he could travel back in time to meet wise thinkers like Hume and Spinoza he would teach and guide them. He is supremely arrogant. 

He only knows European white culture and history, so he imagines a linear progression from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and the Modern Age. He displays absolutely no awareness of any other cultures on Earth having ever had a Golden Age – not the Maya, Arabs, Ghana, Tang dynasty. Only white Europe. And the editors at WJS published his tripe. Hundreds of thousands of people read and absorbed it, most without serious reflection and this background knowledge of Pinker’s Most Dubious Hits. That’s how white supremacy, abled supremacy, male supremacy continues to be maintained. It’s not all cops beating people. A lot of times, it’s men in nice suits approving words for print.

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