Teens, Marines, and Men

Miss USA (from adult pageant) receives her crown

Two small changes have men up in arms. The first is language changes for certain Marine positions, changing infantryman to infantry marine, for example. The second change to offend their sensibilities is in the Miss Teen USA pageant, which will be replacing the swimsuit competition with an athletic talent portion, in athletic clothes. These whine tastings reveal a perverted, weak, insecure, and above all sexist way of being a man.

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Guest Post: Fat As Survival

Stock photo of triumphant fat woman

CW Discussion of size, weight, fat, fat phobia, diet and exercise culture, weight loss culture, eating disorders, body hate/dysmorphia, food, mental health, depression, stress, Suicide, intrusive thoughts, self harm, and doctors/medical talk, abusive family member

The following guest post is published anonymously at the request of the author.

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Germs and God’s Will

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For most of English history, germs were not understood. Bathing was relatively infrequent. Horse and human waste lay in the streets. Plagues abounded. Infant mortality was high and child deaths not uncommon. The generally accepted belief was that God chose who lived or died, and that there was nothing much parents could do.

One of the most important inventions of the Victorian age was indoor plumbing. Middle and upper class homes began to be built with dedicated rooms for bathing and toileting, and chamber pots were gradually replaced with toilets. The early versions contained risks of their own; sewer gasses could travel up the commode, mix with the leaking fumes from the gas power lines, and explode on some occasions.

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