Girls Clothes For Boys

You’ve seen the creeping trends. Salmon shorts. Pastel pink shirts. Now rompers for men. After generations and centuries of women pilfering men’s fashion for our own, men are finally losing at woman’s wear and saying “I want that.” As an unrepentant former tom boy who wore cut off shorts, leather hackjets, and baseball hats to let everyone know how tough I was, I’m not opposed to this reversal. I say yes to men adopting women’s fashion. 

Yes to men in rompers and sundresses. Yes to men feeling the warm sun and cool breeze on their skin. Yes to men experiencing a little vulnerability in their dress sense and some florals and pastels in their wardrobe. Yes to softness and tenderness. Yes to scalloped necklines and flippy skirts that catch in the wind.Yes to gentlemen and gentle men.
The cut of a dress tells your body how to move and you will glide or mince or stalk through the world as your garment dictates. A man who has only walked in bifurcated trousers is limited in his way of physically experiencing movement and being. A beadesd skirt slung low around the hips creates one sensation, a high waisted pencil skirt provides another. I want men to have this wealth of tactile knowledge to draw from when writing women characters so maybe they can do a better job. 

I want men to feel these good sensations for their own sakes too. I think men starve themselves of almost every good feeling, a kind of sensory anorexia. Beer and rage, sports and sex are some of the only sensory outlets they are permitted. Your “safe foods” if you will. Everything else is a bad food, an evil calorie. Girly or high fat or gay. You don’t show tenderness to your own bodies with skincare routines and moisturizer, facials, and pedicures. That very sentence probably made you uncomfortable. 

You starve yourselves of self love. Now that I can see it for a form of deprivation, I can sympathize. I have hurt myself in similar ways. I hope men do get rompers and lotion and therapy and all the self care and self love in the world. I think it would be good for the whole world. 

One thought on “Girls Clothes For Boys

  1. Absolutely right! everyone should dress as makes them feel good! What kind of a world is this one dogmatism has built where it isnt ok for a guy to dress as he wants to but the powers that be will accept no responsibility for murder in the name of religion, so apparently murdering those of other faith is ok.


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