All Day (In Bed)

I can walk, fast for a severely impaired person with mobility issues. I can’t stand. I can’t sit comfortably in most furniture made for adults cause that really means default males. I’m either moving forward at 2-3 mph, or I want to be in my bed reclining right then. 
I made the mistake of telling my prior, bad match therapist (who had been a physical therapist, something I didn’t ask or want to know but will never forget) that I spend about 20 hours a day in bed. She took this as a severe depression screening red flag and started talking over me to tell me how much better I would feel if I would just move my body more. 
My current, way better fit therapist (who respects my need for her to be a blank slate I don’t know personal things about) believes me when I say that I’m in pain.  She accepts that I know what I’m talking about when I say guided imagery is helpful but body centered mindfulness exercises literally make me experience ongoing  physical pain sensations at a higher volume.

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