Men Sexualize Everything 3/3

This post makes reference to sexual harassment and assault. 

Men sexualize our traumas and our mental illnesses. They say things like “The messed up ones are the best lays” and laugh about all the “crazy” women they’ve been with. They sexualize and blame women for having”daddy issues” and feel entitled to women who aren’t “broken”, no matter how many they have shattered. 

Men sexualize our sexual histories, whether they range from virginity to years of sex work, and whether that history was consensual or not. They sexualize the mythical power of their penis to make a woman unclean by its touch. They sexualize the process of so degrading a maiden. They celebrate a woman’s pain in sex as proof of their manhood, not her lack of pleasure. 

Men sexualize our intellect and knowledge, and pornify librarians instead of giving them the respect such defenders of civil liberties deserve.  They sexualize and sexually harass women in STEM, women in the arts, women athletes, women in customer service. They openly suggest accomplished women slept their way to the top, but don’t recognize how many unethical male supervisors a woman would need to bed to do that, or that men can be unethical. 

Men sexualize what we eat and drink, and how we eat and drink it. Lollipops, chewing gum, popsicles, ice cream cones, bananas, and hot dogs, of course, but also anything with a straw, or red meat, or shellfish. Women’s appetites, whether large or small, are sexualized too. In video game physics, our very breathing is sexualized. 

Men sexualize every facet of our beings, from praying on our knees to reaching the pinnacle of our careers. After forcing their perverted gaze on everything we do, everything we eat, every way we move, and everything we say, they have the gall to conclude that we are too sexual. We are Eve come to tempt them, Bathsheba come to seduce them, and Delilah come to steal their strength: castrating bitches, all.

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One thought on “Men Sexualize Everything 3/3

  1. I think my getting tired of typical male lust for women….the feelings that men are supposed to have for women, the feelings that men supposedly can’t fight…I think my frustration with all that led me to want to be attracted to men instead of women, to get away from all those feelings. I’m capable of being attracted to both sexes, but my frustration with tradition male attitudes to women were giving me a new incentive for being homosexual. To escape tradition you could say.


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