Men Sexualize Everything 2/3

This post makes reference to sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

Men sexualize our strengths, our aggressions, our skills. They sexualize women in the military with no concern for the high rates of sexual assaults in the military. They sexualize war and conquest, weapons and head shots. They sexualize and sexually assault women and girls in countries they invade, as both spoil and weapon of war. The weaponize our own fury against us with the phrase “You’re sexy when you’re angry.” 

Men sexualize our weaknesses, fragilities, and injuries. They sexualize moans of pain, twisted ankles, and damsels in distress. They sexualize our captivity and jeopardy and fap to Slave Leia. They sexualize our sleeping forms, and even women’s corpses are sexualized in matching lace bra and panty sets in the six billion cop procedural shows on TV. They sexualize our deaths.

Men sexualize our achievements and our careers, even as they use sexual slurs, innuendo, and pornography to damage the reputations of women in power. They have done this since the days of Chinese Empress Wu and Egyptian Pharaoh Hetsepshut, women who ruled more than a thousand years ago. Powerful women are called frigid prudes and shameless sluts in the same breath. 

Men sexualize our interests and our passions. They sexualize our love of culturally dominant past times like watching football or enjoying wildly popular superhero franchises. They sexualize cooking, cleaning, and caring for them, and sexually harass restaurant workers, housekeepers, and nurses. They sexualize the economic and often racial power imbalance that exists between them and such women.

Men sexualize women they despise for their race, size, or transgender status. They fetishize our bodies and declare our entire selves to be dirty, shameful secrets. Permitted in their spank bank, but not perhaps to live. They sexualize oppressions they and their ancestors have forced on women of color, turning women’s traumas into male fantasies. 

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