Minimum Wealth, part 15

“Rediscover the fact that a lot of the best things in life are free.” While the 1929 song which gave us the aphorism does mention the moon, starlight, and sunbeams, it is a love song. “You don’t need money to have fun:” the capitalist vultures say. Somehow I doubt they chose the deprivation lifestyle they promote here. 

“Have a picnic in a public park” with your $2.46 a day food budget. Guess you’ll only be eating one meal that day, so best. So free. 

“Go for a bike ride” Because nothing screams “best” like burning up your scarce calories on your only mode of transportation, after a full week of manual work and cycle commuting. 

“Do yoga outdoors” Weather is always ideal, every low rent neighborhood is safe, and yoga mats and sports bras are free! 

“Play sports at the community center.” Rec centers are great, although equipment quality and maintenance conditions are often tied to property taxes or donations from local Friends of Parks groups. In Detroit (where I’m basing my calculations) recreation center annual passes are an incredibly reasonable $10 a year. 

“Read at your local public library” or better yet get a library card and then checkout ebooks from home. It’s the best way to avoid late fees. 

“Learn DIY skills on YouTube” and enjoy the violent antisemitic, racist, and sexist comments absolutely free!

“Start a blog” and monetize it with Patreon. Support my broke ass blogging for $1/post at

“Play old board games” which you presumably got for the low, low price of nothing. I guess this would be inherited wealth. 

“Take a hike” I have to laugh.  They actually said “take a hike” to the working poor. They should let us eat cake while they’re at it. 

“Call an old friend” and this is where I recall that no money has been budgeted for a cellphone, replacement charger cords, and monthly service. Assuming this low wage worker opts for a cheap $50/month (with tax) prepaid phone plan, that they take good care of chargers, and get free hand me down phones (like me), they will spend about $625/year on having the ability to call an old friend. 

They pretend the cost for all these activities is bill. I’m going to factor in $10 for recreation center membership, $625 for a cellphone, and another $15 for either a sports bra or a hiking backpack or a board game, for a total $650. Out of my balance of $2,903 that gives a remainder of $2,254. The investment company pretends a new balance of $3,811. 

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