Minimum Wealth, part 11

All of this assumes there is a real grocery store nearby. Of the ten cities suggested, all have some areas of food desert. In the South and Midwest these deserts are huge. (The worst spots in the country surround Native reservations, part of America’s endless genocidal efforts against the first people of this continent.) When people cannot reach stores, they buy overpriced and over preserved goods from pharmacies, bodegas, and gas stations. 

If you follow these rules: your food costs should be less than $75 a month, or $900 a year.” The scolding bolding stresses they idea that failure to eat for less than $900/year is a rule breaking, a sin. The sin of paying hardworking employees so little they must carefully ration each food dollar is not even mentioned. 

There is no margin for extras here. No birthday cakes or anniversary dates or Thanksgiving dinner with friends. No broken hearts craving comfort foods, no flus that knock you down and demand pizza delivery for sustenance, no inedible results of failed kitchen experiments. While you’re encouraged to cook, you’re permitted no back up option if your carefully budgeted recipe tastes awful. Food allergies aren’t allowed until you can afford Whole Foods. 

“Elon Musk once ate for less than $1 a day, just so he could go after lofty goals knowing if he went broke, he would be fine.” Going broke is just fine, because then-17 year old Musk decided to eat on $1/day for a month as an experiment. If he survived a month on hot dogs and oranges, clearly there are no long term health risks to a high sodium, high fat, mystery meat diet. Science!

The purpose of this advice is not to educate or help low wage earners cut costs and budget wisely. The true aim is to mollify any moral stirrings potential middle and upper class investors might have, to lie and tell them minimum wage is a living wage. That’s why it’s condescending and filled with lies. 

$900 is subtracted from the fairy tale figure to give $6,015. I’m going to assume a slightly less arduous and more realistic budget of $90/month or $1,080/year. People get fast food sometimes, or TV dinners, or fresh strawberries. “Man cannot live on bread alone”, as the Bible says. Subtracting that from my step 5 balance of $4,103 leaves only $3,023. The difference between their figure ($6,015) and mine ($3,023) is nearly $3,000 by step the end of step five. 
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