Minimum Wealth, part 10

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Step five starts off with supreme misunderstanding of poverty/near poverty life. “Don’t Eat Out… unless you absolutely must e.g. dinner with the boss.” Exactly how often do they imagine fast food cooks, grocery store clerks, and Wal-Mart cart collectors are going to dinner with the boss? Because that is not a thing that happens. 

“Learn to cook. Spices are your friend.” You can’t afford real friends, so make cute outfits for the salt and pepper shakers to stave off the loneliness. Apparently, like utilities, bicycles, and moves, cookware and dishes are free. What an amazing world! 

“Buy food in bulk when it’s on sale.” Oh thank goodness they put the last two words in bold, or we might never have known sales were a way of saving money on purchases. I do wonder about the logistics of buying in bulk with no car though. There’s only so much one can carry in a backpack, and that weight and bulk varies by individual. 

“Only eat vegetables in season” it says under an illustration of salad. Someone hasn’t discovered frozen peas and canned green beans, the staple vegetables of minimum wage.  For some reason they don’t suggest clipping coupons, comparing brands, learning to read per unit pricing, or applying for food stamps. Their saving tips are aimed at middle class readers. 

“Consider only eating meat 1-2 times a week.” Alternative sources of protein like peanut butter and soy milk aren’t suggested to take the place of meat. Between the restrictions on produce and the high price of fresh fruits and vegetables, minimum wage workers aren’t buying too many greens. Cutting out meat as well means eating mostly simple carbs, day after day after day. 

This diet is unhealthy and may lead to long term and highly expensive medical costs. This diet doesn’t provide the sliw-burning calories someone needs to bike to work, multitask on their feet for eight hours, and bike back home. This diet will result in weight gain combined with malnutrition for many. 

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