Minimum Wealth, part 2

The images herein are included for Fair Use protected reasons of commentary and critique. 

The first step minimum wage workers are condeslained   advised to undertake is moving from wherever they call home. The ten cities they claim are cheapest to live in are Buffalo, NY; Springfield, MO; Fortwayne, IN; Knoxville, TN; Jackson, MS; Birmingham, AL; Akron, OH; Shreveport, LA; Amarillo, TX; and Detroit, MI. We’re going to dig into the rankings, laws, and crime statistics of each of these cities. 

Unmentioned in this infograph is the fact some states and some cities have higher minimum wages than the federal $7.25/hour. Four of the cheap cities recommended are in states with higher minimums, including Buffalo ($9.70), Springfield ($7.70), Akron ($8.15), and Detroit ($8.90). By contrast Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City are gradually increasing wages to $15.00/hour by 2020. 

But first let’s take a moment to recognize the elephant in the room: moves cost money. Even if you get free boxes, even if you drive the Uhaul yourself, even if you don’t own very much. Moving is not free. Utility deposits are not free. Having a relative to cover such big expenses is far more common for white members of the working class, giving them a higher socioeconomic status than people without inherited or familial wealth. McDonald’s doesn’t pay moving costs for fry guys. 
Once you take your imaginary move you apparently have ample savings for transportation and food costs for the minimum of three weeks you’ll have to wait for your new paycheck.  Hope you don’t mind, they docked your pay for your uniform and you’d better have nonstick soles on those shoes! The budget for this move and time of voluntary unemployment is never discussed, because only peasants think of such things. 

Loving your current city, liking your present job, and not wanting to leave all your friends and family behind are listed as “common excuses” for not relocating for a minimum wage job you don’t already have. The investment firm personnel who created this monstrosity chides the obstinant poor,  “You can make excuses, or you can do something about it. It’s your choice to make.”

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