Eugenics & Contraception, part 30

This post includes stories of terrorism and murder. This post includes amputation. 

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which studies extremist groups, in 1995 there were 180 arson and bombing attempts at health clinics and obstetric practices. The increase in violence, which by then included murders and attempted murders, was due in part to the influx of racist theologies. Christian Identity affiliated groups like Operation Rescue and “lone wolf” terrorists bonded over mutual contempt for women, and a violently hatred of Jews and people of color. 

SPLC says “the line between anti-abortion activists and Patriot and militia groups began to blur.” Christian Identity theology held that Anglo-Nordic Europeans were God’s true chosen people, and that Jews and people of color could not be saved, a racist predestination. They were strongly homophobic and antiabortion, and promoted the use of force to prevent those “evils”, and they believed the US government was illigetimate for allowing them in any measure. 

A high school drop out who was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force became the best known terrorist of the cultic Identity movement. At 18 he lived awhile at an Identity compound with his mother; his brother also joined the movement, and showed his dedication to the anti government cause by amputating his own arm with a chain saw. It was successfully reattached. 

In July 1996 the Florida born terrorist planted a nail bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park where the Atlanta Summer Olympics were being held. The shrapnel heavy dynamite bomb detonated, killing one and injuring more than a hundred. He was not caught, and continued using nail bombs to target what he saw as perpetrators of socialism, homosexuality, and abortion. 

Six months later he bombed an abortion clinic in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The following month in February 1997 he bombed Otherside Lounge, an Atlanta, Georgia lesbian bar, injuring five in the attack. In January 1998 he bombed a Birmingham, Alabama abortion provider. Security guard Robert Sanderson was killed. Nurse Emily Lyons was critically injured. The FBI named him one of the Ten Most Wanted as he continued to evade them. 

In 2003 a rookie cop trying to stop what he thought was a 4 am robbery at a Sav-A-Lot in Murphy, North Carolina arrested one of the most wanted men in America. The terrorist entered a plea deal where he confessed to these bombings, and revealed the location of his hidden cache of 250 pounds of dynamite. He is serving four life sentences without parole in a SuperMax prison, but escaped the death penalty. 

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