AA is a Cult, part 55

“Alcoholics Anonymous is education without graduation,” so you have to keep going forever. “The time to attend a meeting is when you least feel like going” is an insidious tactic for teaching members to doubt their instincts and desire not to go to a cult indoctrination session. Members are discouraged from discussing AA materials and behaviors they object to with the commandment to “Take what you like and leave the rest.” Focus only on the AA positives. 

They’ll tell you that the “formula for failure is trying to please everyone”, so don’t worry about people outside AA. They’ll reassure you, “This is a selfish program” and you need only focus on “sweeping your side of the street.” In contradiction, AA holds that “ego = edge God out” and that “FEAR = frustration, ego, anger, and resentment”or ” FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real” or “Fuck Everything And Run.”  Loaded language, redefining terms to have a different ingroup meaning, doesn’t stop there. 

Alcoholics Anonymous redefines God as “good orderly direction” and asserts “Willpower = our willingness to use a Higher Power.” “Use” is an odd word choice that beytrays the group’s tool approach to the supposed master of the universe. They also say that “Faith is spelled a-c-t-i-o-n”, which I think neither theologians nor English teachers would agree with uncritically. Faith is also translated as the acrostic “Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him.” 

“Not Using The Steps is NUTS” to an AA true believer, although they call themselves “crazy” too. They say “We AAs are ‘gifted’ people” and “We’re all here because we’re not all there.” Contradictory slogans call the active drinker “a dumb lout” and also assert “There are none too dumb for the AA program, but many too smart.” AA tells it’s members “the smartest thing” they can do say is “help”. 

Members are scorned as bad people on the basis of their alcoholism, their only stated requirement for membership. They are told “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” in an almost Calvinist philosophy. Newcomers seeking help getting and staying sober are told the definition of an alcoholic is not someone who drinks too much but “an egomaniac with an inferiority complex.” Ther group tells them “Seven days without a meeting makes one weak”, a painful pun delivery of fear induction. Even more slogans ahead. 

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