AA is a Cult, part 44

In the first four Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, we have already examined, we learned that the cult comes first, that belouef in the group’s God is a requirement, that the cult won’t expel violent or abusive members, and that the national organization will defend its reputation sooner than address rampant abuse. What could possibly make this “spiritual solution” to alcoholism worse? 

5th Tradition. Each Alcoholics Anonymous group ought to be a spiritual entity having but one primary purpose — that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers. 

Short: Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers. 

This tradition lays bare an ugly truth: the primary purposeof Alcoholics Anonymous is to propagate the spread of Alcoholics Anonymous. Like a virus, it seeks to replicate until it infects all of medicine with its “spiritual solution.” You might expect “helping other members and ourselves to get and stay sober” would be the main goal of a sobriety support group, but this is a cult. 

And what exactly does “spiritual entity” mean? How is that different from a religious organization or support group or drinking cessation program, and what on earth makes it better? Nothing. AA has a lower success rate than spontaneous remission. That is, alcoholics who do not receive any specialty addiction treatment and quit on their own stay sober better than alcoholics who are recruited into AA. 

I have to imagine the average newcomer alcoholic doesn’t go to AA hoping to become a missionary; their primary purpose in joining is not to “carry its message” or spread its gospel, but to get and stay sober. But when AA incorporates evangelism into the Steps and Traditions, it tells members their salvation can only come through recruiting more people to AA. 

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