AA is a Cult, part 26

​Alcoholics Anonymous and the other twelve steps groups save countless dollars on overhead expense by getting free or seriously cheap rent from Christian churches to host their meetings. Christianity is also the most popular and culturally dominant religion in the United States, where AA was founded (by ripping of the theology of the Oxford Group cult.) AA presents itself as basically Christian but with room for believers of different faiths. This is an intentional deception. 

We’ve already looked at the Twelve Steps in detail, and noted the constant invocations of Higher Power, God, and His will. What I didn’t point out then was the complete absence of Jesus Christ. From the third edition of the Big Book to the present, “Jesus” has not appeared in the Big Book and the solitary reference to “Christ” is dismissive. Some AA members have reported being scorned after revealing their Higher Power was the Christian savior. 

“I noticed a HUGE change. I experienced being ostracized. I was keenly made aware that I was the ‘joke in the room’… people laughed when I ‘shared’ anything.”

– from Letters to Orange Papers

An AA faithful expressed how little use she had for Jesus, in recounting a confrontation with alcoholics sent to AA as part of their rehab program at the Salvation Army. 

“A few of the guys from the Salvation Army were laughing at me and I suggested to them that they could laugh all they wanted. They could also go out and try to stay sober using just the Salvation Army and Jesus Christ and that we would save them a seat in AA IF they make it back.” 

– from Recovery AA Google Group, via Orange Papers 

Let’s consider the attitudes revealed in those two testimonies. Faith in Jesus is considered insufficient to cure alcoholism, yet faith in a “Higher Power” is the sure thing. That’s anti Christian. Faith in the “Group Of Drunks” is AA approved but relying on conventional Christian thought earns scorn. That’s idolatry and blasphemy. I’m not a Christian anymore, but I remember enough to be appalled. 

This anti Christianity is another AA bait and switch. It presents itself as one thing, before revealing it is another. People come to their first meeting to get help with sobriety, but really get sold a “spiritual awakening”. It says you can have any God you want… so long as it’s Bill Wilson’s. AA can’t accept the Christian God as sufficient, because then AA would be neither special nor necessary. 

One last note on the tone in these excerpts: Goading people to fail at sobriety and laughing at people who are sharing their struggles is not how a healthy support group, addiction treatment program, or religion looks. Petty meanness to enforce group conformity and dismiss the concerns of outsiders is cultic behavior, unhealthy and stifling. In terms of personal growth, your habitat should resemble a greenhouse and not a coffin. 

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