Pull the Lever 1/2

The following guest posts were written by Dani Ryskamp and printed with permission.

Although my state allows straight-ticket voting, and although I’ve voted in every election held here since November 2000, I have never voted a straight ticket before.
I’d always been opposed to straight-ticket voting. I considered it a lazy way out, an abdication of my responsibility as an “informed voter.” Also, it’s rarely been practicable: I’ve voted further left than Democrat in most cases in which it was feasible, plus there has always been one Republican (the county clerk) whom I know and like personally, and who has done the job so well for so many decades that it seems foolish to gamble on an opponent.
Tomorrow, for the first time, I’m going to go into the voting booth and vote a straight Democratic ticket. Then I’m going to pick my judges, grind my teeth at the fact that our state legislature has deprived us of any ballot proposals to consider, collect my sticker, and go home.
Here’s why.

It’s the next best thing to owning a sun cannon.

Let’s face it: Donald J. Trump has no business being the President of the United States. He has no business running his own businesses, if his pending fraud suit, multiple bankruptcies, and pride in dodging federal income tax are any indication. He has no business running anything that puts him in contact with people of color, disabled individuals, women, or children, if his pending child rape lawsuit and his Twitter feed mean anything at all.

His primary business with the American public, at this point, is loading himself into a cannon to be launched directly into the sun.

I don’t own a sun cannon. I do, however, have a lever that will let me register my public and formal displeasure with this Fanta-faced racist. And tomorrow, I plan to pull that lever so hard the surface of the sun vibrates in response.

(more in part two)

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