Worthier Causes

I admit it. When I read that Democrats raised thirteen thousand dollars in under an hour to give, no strings attached, to the GOP, I was angry. How could my supposed allies do this? Funding hate is funding hate, even if you do it in the name of love. The Republican party is a source of much misery, especially for women, poor people, parents, disabled, and LGBT, all groups I belong to. They’re pretty fucking racist too. 

There are worthier causes than good press and assuaged liberal guilt. There are worthier trash fires. Every dollar a “progressive” donated to be used however the GOP sees fit is a dollar they didn’t donate to buy water for residents of Flint, to help people facing crisis pregnancies afford abortion, to support a starving artist or a domestic violence shelter. 

So, rather than rant about how unfair this is, how angry it makes me with “allies”, I’m taking a more positive approach. Here are worthier causes you can give to today. 

If you had a dollar for the GOP for a building, find a dollar for these cats! Dusty and Lint will have surgery this week but only half the funds have been raised. These cats mean the world to their owner who doesn’t have as much money as the GOP. 

You can also help someone afford an abortion. The GOP wouldn’t approve but I do. 

Instead of giving the party of homiophobia money, you can assist a young homeless trans person, just recently kicked out by their parents. 

Rather than funding hate, you could support tigers and jaguars, while backing legislative efforts to protect big cats. 

You could give the party of rape unrestricted donations or you could actually do some good by donating that money to RAINN

Instead of giving money to the same people who draft gay and trans discrimination laws and use us as wedge issues to rile up their hateful base, you could help this femme same sex couple afford their medication. 

Why donate to the party that attracts KKK endorsements when you could be giving to Black Lives Matter instead? 

Sure I guess it’s your right to give money to climate change denial and the myth of clean coal, but surely supporting water defenders at Standing Rock or helping people in Flint access clean water is better. 

The urge to give is a good one! Make sure your giving does good too. 

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