Constant Vigilance 3/4

Doing this in a fight will break your fingers.

Several tips wrongly assume rape and other sexual assaults happen only at night, or are more common after dark. 

  • Don’t buy gas at night. 
  • Don’t walk your dog after dark. 
  • Don’t go places alone at night.  
  • Don’t exercise after dark. 
  • Don’t ride the bus at night. 
  • Don’t have a social life. 

These tips are an endlessly exhausting tax on our mental reserves. Constant vigilance, constant awareness of surrounding, constant conscious attention paid to risk is an exercise in letting the terrorists win. 

When women are scanning the area for potential threats, constantly, we are denied the internal life men take for granted. Getting lost in thought should be within our grasp but these rules forbid such endeavors. 

I can’t even estimate what this vigilance costs us in lost productivity, peace of mind, self reflection, insight, and achievement. This mental busy work keeps us focused on fears, and impedes every other thing we might wish to use our brains for instead. Most women pick a few to follow and accept it would be impossible to follow them all.

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