Hillary’s Smile

I watched the debate last night. 

I watched a man stalk you, belittle you, interrupt you and threaten to incarcerate you. 

Your face was locked in a Pleasant Feminine Expression you only permitted yourself to crack to smile. 

He was threatening. You radiated calm. 

Millions of women saw themselves in you, possibly for the first time. Saw ourselves having to smile while creepy neighbors, customers, and men on the bus try to rattle us. 

The hyper focused athleticism of your facial muscles deserves an award, Olympic gold for sure. 

As a man tried to use his size to intimidate, as he told bold lie after ludicrous claim after debunked conspiracy theories, you remained calm and above all non threatening. 

Because you know what it is to be a woman in a world built for men. You know what it is to give a pleasant smile in response to a threat, to reassure an aggressor you’re nothing to worry about even as you work to dismantle the system that makes him so aggressive. 

I’m sorry I didn’t notice until last night that you’re a badass. 

I’ve been treated by men as you were treated by Trump last night, and I wasn’t half as cool or composed. You both proved there’s no level of perfection or power that can spare a woman these intentional assaults on our calm, and that you can win anyway. 

Win. Smile at your victory. Laugh in the face of your aggressor. And win. 

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