Dear Madame President

The following is a letter composed by my son to who he believes will be our next president. He knows White House mail takes a while so he’s sending it now for her to see when she’s in office. 

Dear Madame President, 
I really like your laws which include like more healthcare and more environmentally friendly energy. 
I don’t really like Donald Trump’s laws which include banning Muslims and Mexicans and giving rich people more money. The poor people need more money! 
I’m only eleven so I can’t vote. If I could vote, I would and I would vote for you. I think kids should be allowed to vote because laws on schools effect kids the most. 
Donald Trump might cheat to cause you to lose. He might cheat. 
You’ll be the first female president if you win and I think that’s good for kids and everyone I guess. 
Here’s some advice: Don’t trust Donald Trump. 🙂 
Good luck! 

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