How Will I Tell My Kids?

Bigots love using children as human shields to protect them from being rightly labeled bigots. They’ll say that they don’t hate queer folks, they just think we’re inappropriate for children. How on earth can they explain human diversity when we’re so icky and gross? 

But the thing is, explaining queers to children (some of whom are queer themselves) is relatively easy. “People used to think she was a boy but they were wrong” and “they’re in love” are simple explanations that satisfy most kids. Explaining the world to our children is a lot of the job of parenting. And there are much harder things to explain, like: 

  • Why do some people not have homes?
  • Will humans survive global warming? 
  • Why don’t food stamps cover hot food?
  • How long until I’m tall?
  • Why is my mom happy a Supreme Court justice died? 
  • Why do people and animals I love die? 
  • How come mom can’t make Nickelodeon air a Blue’s Clues and Little Einsteins mashup? 
  • Don’t you love me?!?
  • When can I see mom’s abusive ex who I liked again?
  • What do you mean “never”?!?
  • How come we’re always poor?

Teaching is much of what parenting entails. Some lessons are harder than others. Death and unfairness are harder for me to justify and help him make sense of than diversity and love. If love is harder for you to explain than hate, trust that it’s not queers messing up your kid. It’s you. 

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