Both Sides Suck? 3/3

Trump has stated that social welfare programs rob “people of the chance to improve”, has suggested teen moms should be required to live in group homes to access benefits, and claims fraud is a major issue. Clinton famously supported 90s era welfare reform as First Lady, which tied a work requirement to cash benefits for families. Trump wants to extend that work requirement to all welfare programs, including food stamps and free student lunches in schools. 

Clinton has called veterans issues “our solemn duty”. She has proposed improvements to the Veterans Affairs department but opposes privatization. Her proposals for active duty service members includes extended leave, increased childcare on and odff bases, and job training and education opportunities for military spouses. Trump has proposed privatization as a solution to VA backlog. Earlier this year he claimed to raise money for veterans but none was dispersed until four months later when the press noted no charities hard received any funds. Just this morning Trump inferred that only ” weak” service members get PTSD. Neither candidate has served in the armed forces. 

Trump has been accused of rape, more than once, including child rape. The civil suit in that case is presently ongoing. Let me say that again: the Republican nominee currently running for president is currently embroiled in a court case because he’s accused of raping a child. His own daughter Ivanka asked him not to date girls younger than her, when she was only seventeen. Prior to that he stated in an interview that if she wasn’t his daughter, he would date Ivanka. There is no equivalent for Hillary Clinton, who has not been accused of rape. 

A Trump presidency would teach today’s generation of children profound disrespect for women, immigrants, Latinx, black people, LGBT people, people with disabilities, Muslims, and more. A Clinton presidency, like Obama’s presidency, would teach today’s children that being a woman or being black won’t have to always, always, always hold them back. 

We have a choice. Between a racist, fascist, homophobic, sexist, violent, angry, and hateful man with no experience or competency, or a woman who has spent her whole life preparing to be the first woman president of the United States of America. We have a choice between the least candidate to ever get this far and the most. The only explanation for thinking Clinton is as bad as Trump is if you think her being a woman is as bad as him being a rapist tax chest who screws over investors and small business owners. 

We can choose to throw away the country and shoot ourselves in the foot, or we can get over our sexism and choose competence instead. 
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