Both Sides Suck? 1/3

Today I’d like to address those who think both viable candidates are equally bad, who look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and say “I can’t tell them apart”. The voters who still don’t know in the first week of October who they will choose and the third party voters who are leaving it up to the rest of us to actually engage with the choices before us. And I have one simple question: What the hell is wrong with you?

Sure they both recognize the United States as a military power and neither one plans to stop it from being a colonial empire but beyond that their views and proposals are very different. 

Clinton favors trade deals and diplomatic negotiations as precursors to more aggressive tactics. Trump thinks we should make China ” solve” the problem of North Korea and calls all trade deals “the worst deal”. He is protectionist in ways that would damage the economy. 

Trump is easily baited and defensive, unable to resist going after perceived slights even if doing so harms his reputation. Clinton has endured her husband’s public affair, eleven hours of questioning in Congress, and thirty years of relentless sexism almost without complaint. 

Clinton vows to protect abortion access and to repeal the Hyde Amendment for interfering with that access. Trump supports the Hyde Amendment and opposes the legality of abortion except in cases of rape or threat to maternal life, which the pregnant person must then prove. 

Trump has said the minimum wage is too high, too low, should be raised, should not be raised, should not even exist and, as of August, that it should be $10/hour. Clinton has consistently supported a $12/hour minimum wage and wants to end the practice of sub minimum wages for disabled workers. (Yes that’s currently legal.)

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