Both Sides Suck? 2/3

Clinton has laid out plans to address many specific concerns of LGBT people, including an easier process for updating/correcting gender on official documents, increased funding to charities serving LGBT youth and elders, and support for anti discrimination legislation. Trump opposes marriage equality, supports the transmisogynist HB2 in North Carolina, and chose a virulently anti gay running mate. The GOP’s 2016 platform is the most overtly anti queer in the party’s history.

Trump has used racist rhetoric when discussing immigration, referring to Mexicans as “rapists” (more on that later) and invoking white racist fears of dark skinned criminals. He has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and has even stated anti refugee sentiments. Clinton has said she would end family detention, stop the use of privately owned detention centers, and help as greater number of eligible immigrants become naturalized.

Clinton has called climate change a threat to our nation and proposes extensive investment into renewable energy infrastructure. She recognizes climate change as human caused and that the worst consequences can be human averted. Trump has declared climate change a hoax and a conspiracy theory floated by China to make America noncompetitive. He has called for deregulation, reducing the size and scope of the Environmental Protection Agency, and repealing part or all of the Clean Air and Water Act.

Trump has publicly called for a ban on Islam, stoking the racist excitement of his fanbase of domestic terrorists. Clinton has pointed out that freedom of religion is a key principle of US democracy at home, and that we rely on Muslim allies abroad.

Clinton has stated the importance of education, calling for increased federal spending in communities with generational poverty to close the achievement gap between poor and wealthy students, a gap exacerbated by the use of property taxes to fund schools. She has also proposed tuition free community college for the future, along with debt reduction for current and former students. Trump has called for more charter schools (which syphon public dollars into private schools”, and an increase in the use of “merit” systems to penalize teachers.

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