Patronage and Poverty

For the month of September all blog posts following this one will be password protected, and only available to patrons. I’m doing this in the hopes it will encourage readers to cough up a few bucks a month as compensation for the only labor I can perform with my long list of disabilities. (The IBS alone precludes me from all restaurant and retail work, and that’s before we get to the physical pain and insanity.) 

I don’t want a members only blog. I want people tyo feel fee to share my words or access them again and again. But I need money to survive. I’m currently earning just 2/3 of my rent, and having to beg to cover the rest. I haven’t paid my electric bill in moths and could lose that utility any day now. My budget for medicine is so small I’ve been in a constant flare up for a whole month. 

My goal is to write, faithfully but not as desperately as I am right now. Because Patreon front loads pledges, I get a high rate for my very first post of each month, then less and less for each that follows. Everything I have written in the past week only brought in $3 per post. Posts take me an hour on average, and disabled work hours are about twice as hard to do. I’m killing myself, wrecking my health and watching my ribs appear beneath what was once flesh, for $3/hour. 

I can’t survive like this. I push myself right now to write three posts each weekday, with no days off no matter how much pain I’m in. I’d like to write twice a day, and be able to take time off when writing means suffering. I’m pushing and pushing and pushing for three dollars here, three dollars there, trying to earn my bills through sheer force of will.  The last time I was this stubborn it disabled me. 

So for this one month, pay me. Sign up for $1/post and encourage your friends to do the same. Set a cap on it to fit your budget. You’ll be able to read everything I produce this month, and maybe I’ll be able to treat my health with some dignity again. The more patrons there are, the less I will need to write each month to get by, and the better that writing can be. Some days I’m squeezing out bad paragraphs because why bother with talent for three dollars? I don’t want that. 

You can become a patron at If you’d like to help me with September’s expenses – which I cannot pay – you can send money directly to using PayPal. 

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