Street Harassment Excuses

What many women call street harassment is usually framed by men as something else: a conversation, a friendly exchange, a compliment. When we express reasons this behavior makes us angry, anxious or afraid, they make excuses. 

“I would love to be complimented.”

Stalking, harassment, physical intimidation, flashing, and propositioning women who are not sex workers is not complimentary. It is not flattering. Being complimented by a woman has no resemblance to street harassment. There’s no fear, no threat, no thousands of years of women abusing and killing men foir saying no to their inappropriate advances. 

“This world is too cold. Women should be friendly when strange men talk to them.” 

I agree this world is cold and cruel, but having her own damn life is not something cruel women you don’t know are doing to you. Interrupting her to day to give her your genitals’ opinion of her body is something cruel you’re doing to her. And it’s disgusting. 

“But how else are men and women supposed to meet?”

It’s 2016! There are more dating apps than your phone can store right now, plus many traditional models still exist. Church singles groups, singles nights at bars, or the popular getting introduced by friends option did not go anywhere. 

“If men are too afraid to talk to women, the species will die out!”

One, if the species requires harassment to propogate, we should die out. Two, do you honestly believe for one second that men are actually afraid of women? If so, WHY? It’s not like we stalk, harass, rape, and murder men at rates anywhere close to how y’all treat us. 

“So what, I can’t even be friendly?” 

If at this point in my post you still don’t get it, then yes. You should not be friendly to women, or compliment women, or try to strike up conversations with women. You may not know this, but nearly half the adults in this world are men. Really! You can go compliment men and chat them up and prove how nonsexual all these conversations you foist on women really are. 
Just leave women alone while you do it.  

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