How To Harass Women 3/7

Modern Man chose this image to display “confident, relaxed and easy going” harassment. Look at her back against the railing as he confidently encroaches her space.

Here we get into what the how-to author calls “common mistakes guys make when approaching (read: interrupting) women who are wearing headphones”. For some mysterious yet easy to guess reason, doing it in the first place doesn’t make the list. 

1. Approaching in a nervous manner 

If you want the interaction to go smoothly and not feel awkward fr either of you, make sure that you approach and talk to her in a relaxed, confident manner.

Okay, here’s the thing. Interrupting and hitting on women is going to be awkward for a significant number of them, no matter how confident your approach. You may have more “success” in compelling a strange woman to provide uncompensated social engagement this way, because what’s called confidence in men is often bullying and domineering. Scaring women into smiling at you should not be on your to-do list. 

Even if you are truly relaxed and confident, that doesn’t mean the target of your tactics will feel the same. After all, she didn’t sign on for this social interaction, and even expressed her general disinterest by wearing headphones. Making her directly express individual disinterest to you personally is wildly inappropriate. It’s maddening so many men don’t know this, or know and choose not to care. 

If you are nervous or anxious, she probably won’t be interested in talking to you.

She was already not intersted before you interrupted her to aard points in the beauty pageant you conscripted her into. 

Most women are attracted to the strength in men (e.g. confidence, masculinity) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. nervousness, anxiety).

This is so untrue my brain is screaming. Women are unique individuals not a submissive archetype and again I stress, some of us are gay. Heterosexual male masculinity is literally the last thing I want. It’s an unwant.

If a guy makes the effort to get the attention of a woman who is wearing headphones, only to then behave in a nervous, fidgety or anxious way when she takes the headphones off to listen to him, he will usually lose he opportunity there and then.

The “opportunity” was contrived to begin with. She was busy.

A woman will determine whether she feels attracted to a guy within the first few seconds of the interaction.

Or, you know, years before she’s ever interrupted by him when she discovers she’s gay. We too wear headphones in public to deflect male advances!

For example: If a guy asks a girl to take off her headphones and the first words out of his myth are, “Hi, ummm… I was, ummm… wondering, umm… sorry to interrupt… how, ummm, are you?” you can guess what will happen next. 

Headphones back in and she’ll probably turn up the volume to block him out.

Wow it’s almost like she’s not interested and feels safe to express it. Can’t have that! Also worth mocking: referring to interrupting a busy woman by waving your hand in front of her as “effort”. 

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