The Actual Stakes


I’m not excited about this presidential election. I’m dreading November and its aftermath. I was a Sanders supporter, and I wrote about why I didn’t want Clinton. That was early in the primary season, when there were still half a dozen Republican candidates. Before the Republican nominee was Donald Trump.

Trump is in a different category than other candidates. Harm reduction becomes critically important for humanity with him this close to the White House. Others have written, extensively and well, about his deceptive business dealings, several bankruptcies, and repeated allegations of rape. His sexism, racism, ableism, and xenophobia have been reported at length.

If this has not been enough to persuade you to vote for the only candidate who can logistically and electorally beat him, Hillary Clinton, then allow me to bring up one more concern. Trump is not just a bigot. He’s also wildly unfit for the job. He has no political experience, none. He’s never been so much as mayor of Wasilla. This is the highest political office in the country, arguably in the world, and it might go to a reality TV star.

He’s also narcissistic. I don’t know that he qualifies for diagnosis but I suspect it. His writing reveals that he is a black and white, rigid thinker, and that he views compromise as failure; only crushing his opponents “feels better than sex – and I like sex.”

Trump is vindictive, impulsive, and litigious. He has sued and been sued by practically everyone who’s ever done business with him. Clinton by contrast managed to not blow up when her husband’s affair became a congressional hearing. She’s not going to launch nuclear missiles. He might.

It’s a terrifying truth that the president of the United States has the power to wipe out the human race, but they do. Preserving the species has some merit, in my opinion, and if it takes being a single issue voter to get you to vote, make it that one. We can’t fix racism and imperialism, or capitalism and the status quo if we’re all dead.

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