Paris Hilton for President



Probably the greatest thing to come out of the 2008 election season (besides Obama’s win) was Paris Hilton’s mock campaign commercial. After Republican nominee John McCain made a negative ad where he compared Barack Obama with the heiress and mogul, Paris Hilton responded with an ad of her own.

As she mentioned in her Funny or Die video, Hilton would consider Rhianna for her Vice President. That would be the first time a black woman has run on the VP ticket for a major US party…. ever. Rhianna for VP would be history in the making, in more ways than one. Plus I’m pretty sure America could use some of her no-nonsense patriarchy busting blackness in the White House. It would be good for us.

Lately I’ve been wondering just what a real Paris Hilton campaign, and presidency, might look like. Would she play the simpering girl persona to sexist world leaders, only to dominate them in foreign policy when they underestimated her? Would she give the Queen of England a bottle from her own perfume line as a royal birthday gift? Would Kim Kardashian be her Secretary of the Interior Design?

I have to imagine she’d be a far better candidate and president than Trump, who has so far been a terrifying disaster and can only get worse with more power. Paris Hilton has handled her fame and fortune with relative grace, without a single allegation of rape made against her, which is something Donald Trump cannot say (but that won’t stop him. He has no shame about obvious lies.) If we’re going to insist on rich kids turned rich adults for our world leaders, lets pick someone who donates to girls education projects and spends her summers teaching poor children how to DJ.


I’m definitely not the first person to think Paris Hilton would be more appealing than our current options. Check out this music video endorsing Paris for President.

One thought on “Paris Hilton for President

  1. Yeah Paris Hilton and a number of other unlikely choices might make better presidents than Trump. I’d like to see the look on Trumpers’ faces if they were to read this post 😀


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