Short Story CLS part 1

The following is an excerpt from my new short story in progress, with the working title Campus Love Story. Hopefully a far superior title comes to me as I keep working.


Dana looked out her dormitory window to the campus spread out below. The science buildings took up a goodly portion. The college of arts had its theaters and galleries. A large sports dome sat close to the gym, with large playing fields beyond. Towards the center of campus she could spot the food court and student services building.

She and her mother had brought her things down the day before, but they’d arrived late in the evening when it was all a mad dash to get things unloaded and brought inside, then quick tearful hugs as her mom left to return the truck and make the two hour drive back home. Dana had been so tired she had fallen asleep too quickly to be bothered by the new setting.

Now it was early on the morning of orientation and Dana was nervous. She was an undeclared freshman, with too many ideas of what she’d like to do and no clear plans. Picking through the garbage bags she’d packed her clothes in, Dana extracted a slightly wrinkled white button down shirt and a pair of jeans. She stepped over boxes to reach the tiny in unit bathroom she would be sharing with her new roommate.

After a shower and putting on new clothes, Dana could feel her nerves evolving into excitement. This was the first day of her new adult life! All she had to do was follow the orientation schedule she’d been given, and the day would be fine. Just as Dana began moving clothes from their bags into drawers, a terrible crash sounded at her door.

Dana jumped, startled. Peals of laughter permeated the walls.  “Thanks guys!” a cheerful voice cried out. Dana inched open the door. She saw a young woman with bright pink hair covering one side of her head, with the other side shaved smooth. She was riding astride a stack of boxes on a cart, and had evidently crashed her steed. Two men down the hallway laughed.

“Hi!” the pink haired wonder exclaimed. “I’m Candy, your new roommate!”

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