LGBT pride flag is NOT FOR STRAIGHTS. We are proud of not being you!

Today I am afraid of heterosexuals. Today I don’t want straight allies. Today I don’t want MY pride flag turned into a symbol of “solidarity” that will wear off in a week. Today I want straight silence.

We queers are hurting. We are in pain, in mourning, in fear. We have lost fifty members of our family in one targeted act of violence. We need time and space to lick our wounds. We need to breathe.

I was a gay teenager, just trying to come out, when Matthew Shepherd was crucified and murdered. I raced back into the closet for safety. I mistakenly thought things were better these last few years. I was wrong.

Yesterday I was too afraid to leave my home, too raw to encounter straight people while crying for the loss of gay life. Because so many would take the opportunity to call me a sinner, or blame the victims. Too many straights agree with the shooter.

If you are straight, give us your silence. Don’t make us listen to your position on our lives. Don’t ask us to defend or explain ourselves to you. Let us mourn. Give us time to bury our dead and conquer our fear. You owe us that and so much more.

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