Bobby Hembre

CN sexual assault, self defense, ambiguous after


He was a few years older, one of my brother’s many friends. He was part of the massive thirty person Shadow Run campaign my brother led, a table top role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons but more cyberpunk. He had a Jeep and broad shoulders. Over my Spring Break from sophomore year, we kissed a few times.

One night after my mom and sister were in bed, he came back to the house without his car, said he was locked out at home and didn’t wanna wake his parents. We took a walk down to the riverfront park nearby. I don’t remember details. I remember flashes of trauma, as he forced me into a sex act I didn’t want, on the picnic tables of a park kept clean by Boy Scouts.

As he changed positions to force me into another act, my right hand was able to grab my boot knife. I tried to stab his back as he climbed on top of me. I don’t even know if I punctured the fabric of his jacket. But he noticed. He stopped, zipped up his pants, and walked me home.  Then he waited for my mother to wake up to drive him back to his parents’ house.

She was upset with me for having a boy in the house, so I didn’t tell her about the park. I rode in silence next to him in the backseat of my mom’s Toyota, his wide shoulder pressed against me.

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