The Cults of Frank Buchman 18

Buchman seated between Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford

During the pre-war years of the 1930s, when Buchman was saying “Thank Heaven for a man like Hitler” and advising Prime Minister Chamberlain to appease the Nazis, a rich and famous American Buchmanite was spreading antisemitic propaganda. The automobile magnate Henry Ford (Senior) went from being the most celebrated employer in the United States to a violent union buster within twenty years, arguably a consequence of joining the Oxford Group.

In 1918, Ford bought a small independent and local newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. He invested heavily in it and transformed it so that by 1920 it was a nationally printed message of anti Jewish racism. A Jewish boycott against Ford automobiles began in immediate response but, despite Ford’s claims that they controlled world finance, the tiny and beleaguered community was not able to harm his industrial standing.

Ford had 91 such libelous articles compiled into a book published in 1920, The International Jew. It was translated into sixteen different languages and printed worldwide. One young man who was particularly taken by Ford’s antisemitic propaganda was none other than the friend and frequent house guest of Buchman’s Bulgarian noble patrons, Adolf Hitler.

Not only did Hitler specifically praise Henry Ford in Mein Kampf, but many of Hitler’s ideas were also a direct reflection of Ford’s racist philosophy. There is a great similarity between The International Jew and Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and some passages are so identical that it has been said that Hitler copied directly from Ford’s publication…

There can be no doubt as to the influence of Henry Ford’s ideas on Hitler. Not only do Hitler’s writings and practices reflect The International Jew, but one of his closest associates, Dietrich Eckart, specifically mentioned the Protocols [of the Learned Elders of Zion] and The International Jew as sources of inspiration for the Nazi leader.
Who Financed Hitler; The Secret Funding of Hitler’s Rise to Power 1919-1933; James Poole and Suzanne Poole

The Protocols referenced above is an antisemitic forgery, originally produced in 1902 by the Czarist secret police as they attempted to blame a Jewish minority for the problems caused by the ruling class. It claimed Jews were part of a global conspiracy to destroy Christianity and enslave Christians. It is still popular among violent racists today. Henry Ford and his secretary helped his friend Father Charles Coughlin republish Protocols in English and other languages, greatly contributing to its spread.

Ford ostensibly abandoned his hard-line antisemitism after a public meeting with Jewish rabbis and community leaders. In fact, he merely used proxies like Father Coughlin, the father of hate radio, to continue spreading his message. Ford continued to give Hitler a birthday present of 50,000 Deutsch Marks each year until his death, a way in which he financed the Nazis. Hitler had a framed photograph of Ford on the wall of his office at Brown House, along with German editions of Ford’s books.

Just as Buchman never had a negative word to say about Hitler, he made no objections to Ford’s behavior. Rather Buchman and his cult proudly boasted of having Ford’s support. Both Henry Ford and Frank Buchman were awarded medals from the Third Reich. Ford was granted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday in 1938. Buchman was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit at the end of the war.

Henry Ford receiving German honors in 1938 for his antisemitism

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