When Life Gives You Lemons


We’ve all heard the adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” But as anyone who has made lemonade can attest, you need water and sugar to turn lemon juice into lemonade. Assuming my readers lack water and sugar, here are other things you can do with the lemons life gives you.

1. Build a Fort
With additional building materials you could make a fine if perishable fort to hide from life and its ceaseless barrage of lemons. With just lemons, you can form a pile and hide behind it. This might look like shoving overdue notices in the junk drawer and binge watching Daredevil.

2. Start a Reality TV Show

Announcer voice: The Lemon Stand pits 8-year-old entrepreneurs against each other in cruel and contrived contests to see who can make this bitter business sweet.

Use those lemons to crush dreams for televised drama! Get corporate sponsors to supply the water and sugar in exchange for relentless product placement.

3. Sell Used Cars
These are lemons after all! Forgive my mom joke and just picture how fetching you’d look in a plaid sport coat standing beside a giant inflatable rooster while shouting into a bullhorn. So fetch!

4. Projectile Fun!
While lemons lack the aerodynamic orb properties of apples and oranges, they do have a satisfying citrus explosion upon impact. Wait for your lemon fort to start rotting to turn them into high potency rounds. Go throw lemons at life and its agents until it learns you fight back.

Don’t let the existence of lemonade keep you from dreaming big and thinking outside the box!

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