Monster Assault 3


Hey guys, this is Monster Assault #3. You should read Monster Assault 1 and 2 as well. PS a Facebook page for my cat Lord Phinneas Fluff is coming soon. He’s so cute!

The first unfair thing is Donald Trump himself. We’re gonna make him have a nightmare. We will need a dream machine that allows us to travel into his dreams. I’ll be in a haunted piñata costume. Spooky, eh! Everyone’s scared of haunted piñatas! Right? Mom will dress as a ring wraith from Lord of the Rings. When he’s not looking around, I’m going to sneak up behind him and start chasing him. We will surround him from both sides. So Donald Trump, if you’re reading this all I have to say to you is Sweet dreams! Mwahahahaha!

Number two. First step: the unfair thing is war. The target is the generals, the leaders of the armies. So, costumes. We’ll need to think of something the army can’t handle, something huge and powerful. For this one I think we need Godzilla! I’ll be in the Godzilla mechanical and mom will be in a Mothra mechanical with two small robots as her mini Mothra larva helpers. We’ll go to the military bases and capture the general. We’ll take them to a super secret place to think about what they’ve done.

Number three. Sometimes animals get hit by cars when they’re trying to cross the road. To save the animals, we are going to disguise ourselves as a griffin and a chimera. I will be inside the chimera mech, operating the three heads. Mom will control the griffin. Our target is the government. Mom will carry the agents and follow me. We’ll go to a busy street at rush hour and tell them, “Many animals have been hurt because you won’t make a grass crossing for animals above the road. We just want you to know how these animals feel.” And then slowly lower them. PS We might also try the transportation department.

The final unfairness is when countries turn away refugees. A refugee is a person fleeing their country because it isn’t safe to stay. I’ll be in an Eggeater mech and mom will be in a Vixsun mech. Those are monsters from Monster Legends (it’s free, play it now!) We have to attack Republicans in Congress. Easter isn’t for picking on kids. So Eggeater and Vixsun will scare them with some destruction. Then when there’s enough smoke, we’ll make our escape. We’ll rescue some of the refugees that wanted to escape, when we go to a place refugees get taken to. I’ll be underground and when I’m under the floor I’ll surface. Then my mom will sneak through the door or maybe a window, then open the cages and tell them to follow me through the tunnel if they want freedom.

PS play Monster Legends
PPS I want Skylanders for my birthday. It’s September 5th.
PPSS Phinneas’ Facebook page Lord Phinneas Fluff is coming sooooon! Check it out when it’s released April 1st, 2016!

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