Moving Soon


The complex I currently live in is doing major renovations so I can’t extend my lease that is set to expire soon. In the three days I have known, I have looked at five homes and started the process to apply for one. I have eaten only twice, because when money is tight, I like to pretend food is an expense I can cut in the short term.

I’m tired and anxious, so anxious, and I’m not writing as much as I’d like due to all of this. I’m trying to stay positive and concentrate on what is going well, but really I just wish we could stay.

Moving is listed as one of the biggest life stress events to go through, and we do it every year. I just want a safe and stable life I can afford, but the best I can manage is one of those three at a time. I will be writing as I am able. Once I know for certain we have a new place to go to, I will only have the ordeal of moving (without a car) but not homelessness. Once I can put that fear to rest, then I know I can get back to producing lots of quality content each week.

If you would like to contribute toward moving expenses, you can support my GoFundMe campaign. If you would like to monetarily support my writing, you can become a patron at Patreon.

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