Secular Pro Life (9/9)


Continued from part 8

Not one of the social problems you mentioned is caused by abortion. Not men bailing on their kids, not pay discrimination, not the devaluation of women’s labor. All of these problems existed when abortion was banned and now that it is a constitutional right. Abortion isn’t the cause of sexism, and criminalizing it only worsens the symptoms.

The solutions will need to address the real causes, like capitalism and toxic masculinity, state violence and private property. I doubt those are issues you’re prepared to look at, so I’ll start simple. I’ll start with a possible solution.

Abortion isn’t meant to be the only path; it’s a choice among choices that each pregnant person should have access to, without relying on the largesse of the sperm contributor. You didn’t offer any solutions to the needs of existing parents or children.

I want living wage stipends for all custodial parents and their children. Most recipients would be mothers. This would compensate them for their work in the home, or enable them to afford childcare so they could work outside.

I want to replace the child support system with financial independence for mothers. I want to stop the devaluation of female labor. You do not accomplish that by making such work forced. You don’t do it by hoping a few of the dads will feel moved to donate to the cause you conscript women into.

You do it by divorcing maternal welfare from the earnings and choices of men, whether those actions are dodging child support or forcibly impregnating someone without their consent. You cannot empower women by imposing limits. Your gender reductive naturalism fallacy is insufficient justification to limit the rights and freedoms of half the world.

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