Secular Pro Life (7/9)


Continued from part 6

Second, if abortions become rare, and meanwhile birthing and child-rearing are so well-supported as to have no downside for the adults involved, the birth rate is bound to increase. 

Every single part of this is wrong! First, nothing you have suggested would make abortion rare, just illegal and therefore deadly. I’ve written about abortion prevention before, not because abortion is bad but because pregnancy can be. Preventing pregnancy and economically empowering women to choose parenting actually reduce abortion. Criminalization just drives it underground,

Next, even without human contrived consequences like poverty, childbirth is dangerous. You haven’t even acknowledged the physical toll and risks of completing pregnancy and giving birth. Pregnancy has its own heart disease and diabetes, can exacerbate pre-existing health conditions, and suppresses the immune system.

Then there’s the birth itself. I developed PTSD from the birth of my son. It lasted 98 hours. I thought it would never end. Continuing the pregnancy and marrying him may kept the father by my side, but it didn’t make him useful or kind. He complained about the hospital chairs and stole my after birth Percocet prescription.

When I was discharged from the hospital a scant 50 hours after laboring for four days, poverty and the cost of my new husband’s alcoholism forced me to return to work, wearing my two day old newborn in a sling.

Your paltry “feminism” would compel anyone who fell pregnant to any possible fate, including that one, because they have bodies you think of as women’s bodies. You could not be more sexist, you great handmaidens of the patriarchy. And the data in countries that support parenting and family planning disproves your guess that the uncoerced natural birth rate is high.

Some people will never want to be parents, even if they are safe from abuse and have the means to choose parenting. Some child abuse survivors vow to never have children, so they can’t continue the cycle. Some victims cannot bear to be pregnant with their rapist’s baby. Some bodies can’t or shouldn’t attempt to complete pregnancy. Some people just don’t like kids. Abortion will always be with us.

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