Secular Pro Life (4/9)


Continued from part 3

Meanwhile, while many men are wonderful fathers and are happy to devote time, energy, and money to their children out of love, these positive tendencies have not become a strong social norm on the level of maternal care. 

Yup, a lot of dudes are shitty dads. That’s been true across time, culture, and legal status of abortion. Almost like an issue of primarily women’s health doesn’t have much bearing on the cavalier sexism of men. Definitely not a good reason to link women’s or children’s prosperity to those men.

Our male-dominated society finds it advantageous to make such activities expected from women, but merely optional for men.  

You are wrong about what male-dominated means. It doesn’t mean social domination but numerical. Most of the STEM fields are male-dominated. The world actually has slightly more women than men. That nit picked, I agree that society demands of women what it seldom even asks of men, but I need you to acknowledge you are doing the very same.

Very often men would like to obviate even the possibility of such demands on them.  As Frederica Mathewes-Green said, “once abortion becomes available, it becomes the most attractive option for everyone around the pregnant woman.”

If this were true, if abortion was primarily attractive to men and not to women, why are there so few pro-choice men and so many anti-choice ones? Why do women form grassroots organizations and political actioncommittees fighting to protect abortion rights if we aren’t the primary group who wants them? Why do we tell our abortion stories and fight stigma if we weren’t the ones attracted to the choice to begin with?

But if abortion is legal, the father’s attitude is likely to be “She chose to have that child against my will. I will only do the bare minimum required by child support laws.”

I’m gonna need to see some sources showing that legal abortion increases the rate of paternal abandonment. And what’s so bad about child support laws? You’re the one suggesting people involved in conception should be held liable.There’s nothing stopping you from addressing failures in that system while leaving abortion rights undisturbed. Since you advocate for legally enforcing parenting obligations on mothers, why not use laws to make fathers comply?

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