Secular Pro Life (2/9)


Continuing on from part 1.

When pregnant women feel they must resort to abortion for the sake of career goals, pregnant women’s genuine contributions to society are deemed insufficient to win society’s rewards, without their first employing violence against the weak.

Okay first, no one wants women feeling they have to resort to anything. Pro-choice is about choice, including the choice to parent. The social and economic forces working to limit women’s freedom to parent and work aren’t caused by legal abortion, and won’t be solved by its criminalization. Abortion is not the root of sexism; it’s the medical termination of a pregnancy.

Second, you sure love loaded language! Ending a pregnancy before birth is no more violence against the weak than your decision to type this drivel when you could be donating blood. No one has an obligation to use their body to sustain another’s life, and no one has the right to require that of another. Bodily autonomy, it’s a foundational concept in feminism. Look it up.


Abortion pits the woman against her child in an unequal contest.


No, no, no, dears. That’d be pregnancy that has two lives competing for the finite bodily resources of one. That’s why abortion will always be needed.

Either she must willfully deny the humanity of her child—an increasingly difficult fiction to maintain in the era of modern technology—or consciously recognize that her child is human and alive just like her, and settle their conflicting interests through might makes right. Both possibilities place a psychological burden on the woman alone.

Most women who have abortions are already mothers. They have no trouble contemplating the potential for human life if they continue pregnancy. They have been there, done that, got the toddler at home to prove it. Modern technology could barely locate the egg sac of the blip of life I chose not to sustain.

It looked nothing like the third trimester ultrasounds of my son in utero, and nothing like the illustrations favored by people incapable of recognizing the humanity of pregnant women. It was a 5 millimeter dot that was making me crazy. Like most, I suffered no psychological burden for my choice. My antenatal depression was cured, and I was once again able to actively and lovingly engage with my existing child.

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