Mike Drop

Yesterday I was debating with an older woman. When she thought she had won she triumphantly declared “Mike drop!” While I know “Mic drop” comes from rap battles, this felt like something new. I began pondering the story of Mike, and how he came to be dropped.

You see it all began when Mike was a wee lad. He was always getting into fights as a “devil’s advocate”, a service not even the Devil had asked him to perform.

Mike knew how to debate just about anything, from the human rights of women to the human rights of ethnic minorities. There was no brutal topic he was too immune from to pontificate about.

Mike didn’t believe in trigger warnings or courtesy. The world was a cruel and viseous place, and Mike made sure the people around him didn’t forget it.

One day, after years of staying calm while debating the validity of other people’s trauma, Mike pissed off the wrong person. Holding him aloft, she forced him to listen to an effective and final rebuttal. As she concluded her piece, the unnamed woman released her hold on the troll and cried out, “MIKE DROP!”


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