Financial Abortion


I’m adamantly pro-choice. I believe that bodily autonomy is  the most sacred, immutable human right. I support pregnant people in their decisions, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

Some people, overwhelmingly men, hear this and think it means I support parental abandonment and neglect. If women can just walk away with an abortion, why can’t men, they ask. They seem unaware of the multitude of men who have just walked away from their children,  with nary a consequence.

They want to call it “financial abortion”, equating my body with their wallet. They use this wording to manipulate abortion rights supporters into imagining these issues are the same.

Children are humans with rights and needs they cannot meet on their own. They are entitled to food, clothing, shelter, safety, love, and guidance.  In the earliest years they need constant supervision and emotional support and in later years they need structure, rules, and consequences to practice maturity before adulthood. Money is one way of meeting some of those needs, though it obviously takes more than money to be a parent.

Men who abandon the educational and emotional needs of their children are permitted to do so. Nothing prevents fathers from walking away and physically abandoning the needy human lives they helped create. In some (but certainly not all) cases, such neglectful men are asked to contribute to the physical needs of their children through financial means.

Pregnant people have the right to continue or terminate their pregnancy.  Children have the right to safety and provision. The “right” to never financially contribute to the maintenance and well-being of others does not exist. We all pay taxes, all put in “our” money to the common pot, some meager fraction of which goes to the maintenance and well-being of others, most often the children of absent fathers.

The “right” to abandon children does not exist,  though men get away with it all the same. “Financial abortion” then is not a call to exercise rights, but to pretend away the rights of children so men can abdicate responsibility for lives they helped create.

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