Beauty Post: Bold Eyeshadow

There are a lot of beauty products on the market, and you may be wondering if they really work as advertised.  I was skeptical about eyeshadow primer and setting spray before I used them. Now I’m a fan.


I drew a cross on my forearm to show how the same eyeshadow can look much bolder and brighter using these products.  I put Urban Decay eyeshadow primer on two of the four quadrants (in this picture, the two on the right).


I’m using a bright teal eyeshadow and point brush from ELF. This picture shows the teal eyeshadow two ways. The bottom left quadrant shows the eyeshadow without additional products. The upper left quadrant shows the eyeshadow over primer. As you can see, the primer area is much brighter.


I sprayed ELF setting spray on my point brush before picking up more pigment.  The bottom right shows the eyeshadow with setting spray.  The top right shows the eyeshadow over primer and with setting spray. 

If your goal is a bright and vibrant color, combining these products will get you there.

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