Men and Women: A Conservative Fairy Tale


My culture has a lot of prevailing ideas about men and women (who are always assumed to be cis and straight). Many of these ideas contradict one another.  Like the following:

Women can’t be trusted not to kill babies in utero. Better leave virtually all childcare to them! They’re just naturally better at it. 

Men are natural leaders, so they should be in charge of government and business. But they can’t be expected to put their clothes in the hamper or cook their own meals.

Women don’t have a head for figures. They should stay out of STEM fields. They should also manage the family budget, because they’re so good at it.

Husbands are their wives biggest children. They need constant taking care of and cleaning up after. Obviously they should be the head of the family.

Women are catty bitches in constant competition over men. Somehow this leads to women having more close friendships in adulthood.

Men are physically stronger. Yet demanding jobs like dishes, laundry, and vacuuming are better performed by a mom wearing a toddler on her back.

Women are fragile and weak. But surely six weeks is too much recovery time after childbirth.  Those mothers need to get back to work.

Men can’t help themselves from cat calling and sexually harassing women on the street. They’re just led by their gonads. They should make up the majority of school district heads and university presidents.

Women are too emotional for careers in politics. When John Boehner cries, it shows how passionate he really is.

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