Makeup Tutorial: Thick Brows

There are a lot of makeup tutorials for filling in sparse brows to look fuller. This isn’t one of. This tutorial is for people who already have plenty of brow hair but want to shape it.


First step is wax or gel. You can buy special products for eyebrows or you can use an old Chapstick like I did.


Next use an eyebrow wand to brush the hairs into shape. I usually push the hairs up and out first, then smooth the edges after.


Use an eyebrow pencil in brown. If you have black eyebrows,¬† choose the darkest brown available. Avoid true black unless you’re going for a gothic look. Draw short strokes through the brows, like adding in extra hairs. Focus on where you have bald spots.


I used an angled eyeliner brush to create a smooth edge to the bottom of the brows using medium brown eyeshadow. 


I used the same brush with a light brown shade to again draw short “hair” lines through the brows.


I use liquid concealer to outline the brows. Then I completely blot and blend the concealer in.


Next I added translucent powder across the brows (forgot to snap a picture of that step).


Once my brows are done, I can finish my face with eye makeup and lip gloss.

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